Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!
Why Customer Segmentation Might Soon Be Seen as an Outdated Marketing Practice in a Digital World

About the book

Humans see patterns; humans like patterns; and where we do not find them we create boxes that help us to sort our world. Once we have sorted our world, we feel comfortable again.

That's in very simplified terms what drives since decades descriptive marketing practices of segmentation. However, the majority of segmentation approaches is by no means intelligent or capable of predicting or even guiding customer decision-making.

Moreover, though new concepts like personalized marketing have made it into the marketing and product design departments of consumer industries, the underlying thinking hasn't actually changed to embrace individuals contextually and to create symbiotic relationships.

What can you do to change the path dependency of your marketing decisions and make personalized marketing real instead of faking personal customer and consumer relationships?

Stop segmenting humans and start segmenting moments, advises Nils-C. Huber and describes in his book a new approach to superior customer experience called "Momentary Motivation".

Thought provoking for your future of marketing. "Momentary Motivation" addresses the need and potential solution how to finally implement customer centricity, not just including it into keynote speeches and company value statements.

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Hardcover: ISBN: 978-3-7450-9725-2
Softcover: ISBN: 978-3-7450-9726-9