Stop Segmenting Humans, Start Segmenting Moments!
Why Customer Segmentation Might Soon Be Seen as an Outdated Marketing Practice in a Digital World

About the author

Nils-C. Huber

Nils-C. Huber is Chief Executive Officer of the Hamburg-based MomentaryX AG and Lecturer at Fresenius University of Applied Science. Prior to that, he was a digital business strategist, member of IBM’s global Center of Competence for Digital Business Strategy and leading expert for digital reinvention, business model innovation and platform business model design.

He gives advice and supports board members, senior-decision makers, business developers and other senior digital leaders how to reinvent their entire business model, how to build and use ecosystems, and how to grow their business with the help of technology in an agile manner.

Nils-C. Huber has practiced and taught coaching and facilitation of creativity in management, the management of creativity and innovation as well as design thinking in business model, product and services design for a number of years. Previously, he was leading the partnership between Apple and IBM for IBM’s Business Analytics and Strategy Service Line across Europe as well as the Innovation Strategy Consulting practice in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

He is a ‘certified’ banker, graduated as savings bank economist, holds postgraduate diploma in management and a Master of Business Administration degree.



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